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Ein Gedi

Preparing to Feast with the Lord

In just a few hours the Feast will begin with a desert celebration down in Ein Gedi. Months of hard work, extensive planning, long rehearsals and considerable travel costs will all be forgotten as thousands of believers from 100 countries will join together in worship before their God, united in prophetic statement they will be making to the world that one day every knee will bow and worship the King who is coming to Feast with us. Hallelujah!

Here's a taste of what has gone into this process. The first video below showcases some of the rehearsals for the Feast. I think you'll agree that there's a lot of worship going on already!

The second video is a timelapse of the stage being built where special mention must be made of the outstanding work the logistics crew does every year as they labour in a spirit of servanthood. They are to be commended.

Enjoy the videos and don't forget to watch the Feast live »

6 Hours to Go

Building the Stage - Timelapse


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